Tick Repellent for Dogs: Frontline Plus Honest Review

 Tick Repellent for Dogs: Frontline Plus Honest ReviewIf your dog goes outdoors, he probably gets full of ticks every summer. Ticks can irritate your dog and drive him crazy itching. Not only do ticks aggravate your dog, they can carry diseases that can make your dog sick. The ticks can also crawl off your dog onto you and then you will have ticks too. There are several types of tick repellents on the market, but it can become confusing if you do not know which one to choose. Read on to learn about how to choose a tick repellent for your dog.

There are many types of repellents available, which include medicated collars, spray on solutions, powders, pills and spot on treatments. When choosing the type of tick control, you have to think about your dog and determine which type is the best for him. If you place a medicated collar on your dog, he could easily get the collar off and lose it outside. Depending on your dog’s personality, he may or may not want you to spray or sprinkle anything on his fur. Pills that repel ticks are another form of control and these may work well if you can get your pet to swallow a pill. This task is often a job in itself and your dog can easily spit out the pill.

Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Puppies

Merial Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Control for Dogs and Puppies (Click on the image for more info and consumers’ reviews on Amazon.)

Frontline Plus Tick Control is a spot on treatment that you apply in one spot on the back of your dog’s neck. Applying the solution will not scare your dog and he probably will not even realize you are dosing him. This tick treatment lasts for about three months and it is waterproof. Actual users of the product have given this product an excellent review because it does work, even if you live in a wooded area. If you do not like to put chemicals on your dog, this product may not be right for you. However, most pet owners do not really like to put chemicals on their animals, but sometimes it is necessary to get rid of flea and tick problems that irritate their pets. For a product that really works to prevent ticks on your dog, Frontline Plus is a smart choice for you and your dog.

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