Top Three Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Dogs

dog vitaminsIf you’re like most people, your dogs and other pets are treated and loved just like any other member of the family. That’s why it’s Important that you do all that you can to ensure your dog has all that it needs to lead a long, happy, and healthy life; they depend on you for this. This includes providing a proper diet, a safe place to sleep, plenty of attention and training, keeping them up to date on their shots, regular trips to the veterinarian as necessary, ensuring they receive the proper nutrients, and plenty of exercise.

Why Do Dogs Need Vitamins and Minerals?
In addition to a regular diet rich in protein and other nutrients, most dogs will benefit significantly from the addition of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals help your dog’s skin and coat remain healthy; they strengthen bones and teeth and help convert food to energy. Minerals are important as structural elements of your dog’s bones and teeth, for maintaining fluid, and for their involvement in several metabolic reactions.

Is it Necessary to Give Dogs Vitamins?
Nutrients, vitamins, and minerals are substances used by dogs as a source of energy and as part of the building blocks necessary for healthy growth. Vitamins are facilitators for enzyme reactions. Small amounts of vitamins and minerals are essential to dogs for ordinary metabolic functioning. Most vitamins cannot be synthesized in the body, and are therefore essential in your dog’s diet.

What Kinds of Minerals Can Dogs Take?

There are several different types of vitamins and minerals on the market today. Check with your veterinarian to see if he has any recommendations; however, following is a list of the top three highly recommended supplements for dogs:

best-vitamins-dogs1. Pet-Tabs Plus – Advanced Formula
This product is made in the USA following strict quality control standards. The supplement comes in a flavor that dogs love, and they are excellent for your dog’s coat and skin.

The only con is that they don’t come cheap, although you get what you pay for.

Vetri-Science Laboratories Canine Plus Supplement for Pets2. The second canine supplement that comes highly recommended is Vetri-Science

Laboratories Canine Supplement for Pets. This product offers a complete multivitamin and mineral formula that includes enzymes digestive enzymes. It also provides the nutrients necessary for a rapid recovery of post-operative or sick dogs, and is extremely beneficial for pregnant and/or breeding dogs.

The only con is that in smaller amounts, the product can be expensive, although the bulk prices are a very good deal.

Solid Gold Seameal Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Horses, Dogs, and Cats (1 pound)

Solid Gold Seameal Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Horses, Dogs, and Cats (1 pound) Click on the image to check out consumers’ reviews on Amazon.

3. The third highly recommended dietary supplement is called Solid Gold Seameal Mineral and Vitamin Supplement for Horses, Dogs, and Cats. This product is extremely beneficial for your dog’s coat and increases overall health and well-being, and as to be expected from any Gold Supplement product, the quality is outstanding.


The product is difficult to find in small packaging, but the 1 pound packages are a great value.

Can Dogs Take Fish Oil Vitamins?

The answer to this question is yes, Fish oils and fatty acids are very good for your dog’s skin and coat, Fish oil also contains important omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

So for peace of mind in knowing that you pet has all the vitamins and minerals he requires, try any of these products and witness the positive results almost immediately.

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