Best 3 Dog Training Books

learn-how-to-train-your-dogSo you have a puppy or a dog in need of training. You are tired of Fido chewing your slippers and newspapers and pooping all over your home. And to top everything else off, your dog is chasing after every animal on the street and every visitor that comes to your home. You have made up in your mind, that enough is enough and it is time for your dog to go through training.

One of the first things you have to do, is to get a great dog training book. Look for books that have been written by people, who have long standing reputations, in training dogs. Also, look for great dog training books, with trainers who have trained a large variety of dogs, or who have trained your particular breed of dog, specifically. There are a number of books out there, who can show proven successful methods in training your dog.

Here are recommended three books that are used for dog training:

how-to-be-your-dogs-best-friend1. How to Be Your Dog’s Best Friend: The Classic Training Manual For Dog Owners. The book seems to have great ratings for dog training. Reviewers praise the book written by Monks, that talk about everything from how to choose, socialize, feed, groom and train your puppy or dog, to discussing how a dog’s environment will impact his training needs. While most of the reviews are positive, the reviewers are less than positive with the problem solving section, which does not offer constructive training.

101 dog tricks2. 100 Dog Tricks: Step By Step Activities to Engage, Challenge and Bond With Your Dog. Reviewers say that there are great pictures in the book and step by step instructions are clear to the reader. However, other reviewers say that Kyra seeks to have the dog owner be dominant over the dog, by doing techniques, like bopping the dog in the face, that are less than favorable, for the reviewer.

well behaved dogs3. 14 Days To A Well Behaved Dog. The book, according to reviewers is very well written and makes the dog owner feel like the trainer is standing next to them. Reviewers praise the book, citing easy to follow instructions, showing methods like the clicker method, which appears to be successful for the dog owner. However, some reviewers say that the book is just common sense training and they expected more from the book, of what they don’t already know.

While these books overall, have positive reviews about dog training, the main thing, is understanding the breed of dog that you have, along with their personality.This will help you to understand, what methods within these books to use, that will work best for you and your dog. These books are guides and are meant to speak about what needs to be done for specific and sometimes general situations. When dog training, remember to speak with an expert as much as possible, before buying your book.

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